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We found a high number of purely task-oriented questions and answers, but also a higher number of learning-oriented questions and correct, informative answers.

This suggests that this kind of social space actually has valuable potential for informal learning.

User satisfaction and effectiveness are also investigated by Shah [11], who concludes that YA is a very effective platform for QA, because posted questions receive a very fast answer, even though really satisfactory answers usually take longer to be posted, depending on the question’s difficulty.

User motivations and expectations are investigated by Choi, Kitzi and Shah [12] based on gratification theory.

Social spaces can widely differ as concerns aims, operation and internal structure, and all of these factors affect their usability and affordances.

It is therefore necessary to investigate the potential of different types of social spaces in order to highlight their possible contribution to improve and innovate education.Starting from the observation that some users focus only on specific categories, while others like to move across several ones, they map related categories, define an “entropy” of users’ interests and combine these attributes to predict the choice of best answers.Microcollaboration is investigated by Gazan [10], who shows how QA users sometimes engage in episodes of collaborative information seeking; this author spots social capital and affective factors as key elements apt at predicting the formation of such microcollaboration teams.A hot-button question for employers is, 'Why do you want to work here, for us?' They want to know that you're interested specifically in this job—and not that you just need a paycheck.WATCH NOW You'll have a very clear and thorough answer to the question, "Why are you interested in this job? So, how can you stay relevant in today's job market? Online social spaces, where users can exchange information, opinions and resources, have achieved wide popularity and are gaining attention in many research fields, including education.Several interesting examples are reported below that can give an overall picture of the current research trends in this field.Patterns of interaction are the focus of a study by Adamic, Zhang, Bakshy and Ackerman [5], who try to understand knowledge sharing activity within YA across its categories.We analyzed a small corpus of posts from the Languages section of Yahoo!Answers Italy, checking if the questions reveal some inclination to learning or just the desire to obtain a service and if the answers provided by the community members can be considered as reliable sources of knowledge.


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