Writing A Comparison Contrast Essay

That’s why a compare and contrast essay is a frequent type of assignment encountered by US students, regardless of whether they are in high school, college, or university.This type of essay should help readers reach a critical decision on any given matter.

Thesis – it makes an arguable statement summarizing writer’s position that is later supported throughout the essay.

Main body – this section lists evidence supporting it with citations.

It is common knowledge that analytical writing develops thinking skills.

A true professional and any educated person must be capable of noticing distinctive and similar features of various entities, whether they relate to art, history, literature, exact sciences, etc.

It could compare/contrast two (or more) people, literature characters, attitudes, phenomena, objects, products, services, problems, historical periods, events, theories, methods, etc.

Normally, such essays focus both on both similarities and differences of two compared/contrasted entities, but they can also be fed on listing either similarities like comparing essay or differences like contrasting essay.Below is our attempt to describe these stages: Precisely define your compare and contrast essay topics (in case there is no fixed topic).You might discover that the initial topic you had in mind is too broad and for this reason, can’t be used for an efficient comparison.It also reflects on the relationship between entities in light of discovered differences /similarities (it could be for instance, that existing differences actually add value or that, despite being numerous, they do not outshine some select overwhelming similarities). Normally, one of the two types of structure mentioned earlier would be used (depending on how you want to organize content).Following a chosen structure, start sketching a detailed outline. Using an outline for compare and contrast paper, you can start assembling/detailing evidence, supporting it with citations, as well as writing down other sections.One could get inspiration for an inspiring essay by looking up lists of compare and contrast essay ideas on several online resources, but even in this case, double check that chosen topics support meaningful comparisons. Start by researching subject to get familiar with it – this will directly offer ideas for paper but would also help you understand relative importance of arguments/ pieces of evidence/ sources, etc., so that it doesn’t happen that you only touch subject’s surface without realizing that more solid evidence exists.Make notes while reading so that you can always locate evidence /particular sources and can include these in your essay.If you ask yourself “How to write a compare and contrast essay?”, your common sense might very well offer a general intuition about key steps involved and their order.For instance, thesis might state that identified similarities are overwhelming when compared to differences.It could also state the opposite, or that these two entities are half similar and half dissimilar.


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