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So, I have to have 25000 words, which I'm guessing will be the size of this chapter, written by 3 June.

I have all the research done, and I have the structure of the chapter, and I'm basically just going to 'search' on my computer when I get to each section and keying the subject/topic in and looking at all my research on that area and then writing it from that.

I'm actually attempting a similar feat of 15,000 words in two weeks, but with a lot of research unfinished.

Edit: just to add, why does it have to be 25,000 words?

It'd been two weeks and I still hadn't started writing anything on my assignment. When I asked them if they would help me do my thesis, I was expecting them to quote a ridiculous price and worry about the writing later. They wanted to make my thesis as quickly as possible, so they let me talk to some of their writers.

I found one I really connected with and who was also excited to do my thesis.) into three sections of 1000 words, making sure you take proper breaks and get as much sleep as possible each night. I tend to splurge it all out then spend another week going back over it to edit and turn it in to English lol. You'll be ok.cheers satchi I remember reading this book (wish I could remember what the title was and the author...I wrote the whole first draft for my MA dissertation in 8 days and that was 20K words so it is possible, but its exhausting. Write exactly to those goals and don't change anything else!!! it was a book on Ph D writing or research writing anyway) and the author was saying how she once reneted a log cabin and basically got everything written in 10 days cos she was just in the log cabin with no distractions whatsoever.You'll simply have to glue your bum to your desk chair, and switch off all distractions.You'll probably make lots of mistakes, so set an hour aside each day to re-read what you've written.That is a lot, although I once did 2500 words in a day which isn't far off 3000 - don't know if I could do that for eight days straight though!I think if you even had the bones of your chapter done in the 8 days that would be great, is there some reason you have to hit the full count by June 2nd?Now I'm halfway through my paper and thinking about going back for some editing and consulting.I'd recommend My to anyone - especially someone in a pickle, like I was!I've just written a princely 154 words so far in 20minutes.:-) It is more a creative exercise than a research one, about presenting my research well.I'm talking about writing 3000 words per day each day until next Wednesday night. How many words of Ph D standard is the most you've written in a day or week?


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