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Of course, the interviewee wants to put forward the best possible answers to even the toughest questions.And answering difficult questions on the fly can be problematic.Begin with a quote from a person you admire that sums up what you believe to be true about yourself to answer the question quickly and concisely .

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Did you have a job that relates to the position you are seeking?

Hit the interviewer with your unique achievements and contributions to the company’s bottom line.

Say that you simply were not a good fit for the company, and before you had the opportunity to excel, you were let go.

Or inform the interviewer that you didn’t fully understand your previous boss’s expectations and you both agreed that it was time to leave.

Or, perhaps a new manager came on board and he wanted to bring in member from his old team before getting to know you.

The interviewer can’t or shouldn’t point directly at your age as a reason not to hire you. Tell the interviewer that it is the broad experience outside of the field that makes you the right fit.

Be honest, but again, turn the weakness to a strength.

Say, “In the time I have been out of the marketplace, I have better honed my skills in communication.” Emphasize that while you have been unemployed you have been far from idle, but have been keeping up with the job market or your profession in other ways.

The fundamental key here is to turn that failure into a success.

Take a moment to reflect as if you weren’t expecting the question.


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