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We want to know how many pieces of candy I started out with.Like we said, to work backwards to solve, we start at the end of the problem and undo it one step at a time.We start at the end of the problem and work through to the beginning.

There are a number of ways to go about this problem, but we're going to talk about one solving process in particular, and that is working backwards.

To solve a problem by working backwards, we basically want to undo the problem step-by-step.

Each time Dan handed out candy, he could undo that by taking the candy back, so the problem can easily be undone step by step.

Working backwards is a solving process that can be used on word problems by starting at the end of the problem and undoing the problem one step at a time.

To undo this, we add 5 pieces to the 4 Dan has left, and 4 5 = 9, so now Dan has 9 pieces of candy. To do this, we add those 7 pieces to my Dan's 9 pieces, and 7 9 = 16, so Dan has 16 pieces of candy.

Before this, Dan gave Susan 8 pieces of candy, but she gave him 3 pieces back, making this one is a little trickier to undo.

This tells us that Dan had 21 pieces of candy to start with. As we said, there are multiple ways to go about solving word problems, so it is useful to know when the process of working backwards is the best solving option.

There are certain characteristics of word problems that indicate working backwards should be used to solve the problem.

Since 8 - 3 = 5, this means Dan gave Susan 5 pieces of candy in all.

Thus, to undo this step, we add 5 pieces of candy to Dan's running total, giving him 16 5 = 21.


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