Work Life Balance Thesis Proposal

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Give specific results such as increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, longer stays at the company and the ability to attract the best candidates to the job.

Provide information about your educational background and industry experience.

How can we effectively deal with the hardship that arises in so many job positions nowadays?

If you dedicate time to analyze the situation, you will understand that this is a serious trauma, somehow like a chronic disease which is spreading worldwide non-stop.

In that case, you will need to pick an adequate topic for your upcoming essay.

Finding balance in life is a very appealing topic which is worth researching because of the multiple benefits that arise from a plausible solution.

The topic thus presents a rich repository of ideas for a dissertation.

Are you currently working on a dissertation on work-life balance?

Carola Finch began freelancing for newspapers and magazines in 1976.

She specializes in writing about people with disabilities, business, Christianity and social issues.


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    Planned holidays and time off are essential for survival. They help you recharge your batteries, refocus and return to work more productive than before. On the other hand, if you work excessive hours, you’ll end up placing a strain on your personal life and move further away from achieving an ideal work-life balance.…

  • Work-life balance and psychological well-being in men and women.

    Work life balance is a universal struggle, experienced by both men and women across different life-stages and in all types of professions Darcy, McCarthy, Hill & Grady, 2012; Emslie &Hunt, 2009. Part of the struggle with work-life balance is the challenge of juggling work and personal life Perrone, Wright, & Jackson, 2009.…

  • Work life balance and job satisfaction among faculty at Iowa.

    Work life balance and job satisfaction among faculty at Iowa State University by Farah Mukhtar A dissertation submitted to the graduate faculty in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Major Education Educational Leadership Program of Study Committee Daniel C. Robinson, Major Professor Larry H. Ebbers…

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    Dissertation Report On Work Life Balance However, keep in mind to present a clear and logical analysis because an undeveloped and muddled analysis will seldom earn you any marks. Students get very annoyed when people assume that being at college or university is nothing but parties and fun.…


    In essence, work and family life balance encompasses the use of deliberate measures by an employer to enable workers to achieve professional commitments while enjoying the opportunity to attend to other life or social commitments Torun, 2007. Work-life balance does not imply striking an equal balance, but rather simply…

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    Of work-life balance, whereas approaches referring to personal circumstances, family arrangements, care, gender roles and wellbeing focus on the individual. That is, the individual’s assessment of work-life balance includes some references to the family situation, household composition, breadwinner models, family size, and life plans turning…

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    Goal Our research project aimed to explore Work Life Balance and Gender Equality issues asking 1. What happens when people migrate from less egalitarian Polish to more egalitarian Norwegian culture and 2. What facilitates and hinders the shift towards improved WLB and GE.…


    The research on work-life balance in Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur was done to study the level of work-life balance of employees of the Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur. This study engaged a quantitative approach and survey method was used to gather data from respondents.…

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