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It makes a second stop at Colwyn Bay Mountain Zoo, where the students enjoy the animals so much that they try to steal most of them.The zoo attendant discovers this just in time before the coach pulls out and makes them return the animals.

In the later musical, this soft side is maintained as he enjoys a day out at the fair with the students but sadly destroys the photographic evidence at the end by exposing the film to the light.

Our Day Out was released on DVD on 1 October 2018 by Simply Media TV.

Introduction 'Our day out is an interesting play based on a school trip with a group of underachieving children.

This play conveys a deeper message about life in areas like Liverpool for people in the late 1970s. " This conveys to the audience his strict, military style way of teaching.

However this can be portrayed as a 'bad' attitude for a teacher to have.

It comes across that he is self-centred and that he isn't genuinely bothered about the children, but instead bothered about his own reputation. At the back of the coach Briggs catches Reilly, Digga and Andrews smoking.

She wants a better life and wishes she lived in a nicer area, like that which surrounds the Castle.

She becomes so upset that she threatens to jump off the cliff. Briggs, who up till this point has acted like a harsh disciplinarian, policing the students' bad behaviour and expressing doubts that they should even be allowed to have an outing, shows a more understanding side as he convinces Carol not to jump and to rejoin the rest of the group.

Within the first few minutes of the trip Briggs's old-fashioned streak is portrayed.

He says to one of the pupils: "You now very well that on a schools visit you wear school uniform." This shows that Briggs is concerned about how the school is portrayed and he wants to set a good example of a good school.


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