White Lies By Erin Murphy Essay

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No assignment will be accepted more than five days late, with increasing deductions for each day. Drafts must also be brought to class as hard copy when specified.To encourage ongoing revision, you will be provided an opportunity at the end of the semester to resubmit a final draft for a potentially (though not guaranteed) higher score.Strong engagement involves listening attentively with an open mind, participating thoughtfully and respectfully, asking for and offering help when needed, and challenging yourself to grow as a writer.

On most weeks you will be asked to participate in an online blog or discussion forum.

These informal entries will be scored on the depth of your critical thinking in response to the assignment and not on the quality of your writing.

Synonym: 183877 Location: Winooski Room: CCV Winooski 304 Credits: 3 (45 hours) Day/Times: Thursday, A - P Semester Dates: to Last day to drop without a grade: - Refund Policy Last day to withdraw (W grade): - Refund Policy Faculty: Alice Leeds | View Faculty Credentials This course has started, please contact the offering academic center about registration This section meets the following General Education Requirement(s): Browse the Canvas Site for this class.

Course Description: In this course, students develop effective composition skills and research techniques.

Additional Instructor Pre-Assignments/Notes/Comments: Required Texts & Materials: The ability to express yourself well in writing can open doors, clarify your thoughts and bring you deep satisfaction.

Even for accomplished writers, words don’t generally float onto the page, but fortunately, writing is a skill that can be developed through disciplined and guided practice.

Strong essays will include: * a clear, well-developed thesis * appropriate evidence and details * a distinct sense of organization and continuity from beginning to end * interesting, varied sentences * a tone appropriate to the purpose and target audience of the essay * correct, effective use of language, conventions and citations Visit the Moodle page for this course to see a general scoring rubric.

Each assignment will have its own specific guidelines and criteria.

CCV offers drop-in tutoring at the Evelyn Hoffman Donovan Learning & Career Center just down the hall.

E-tutoring is available online; turn-around time is usually 24-48 hours, except during midterms and finals weeks.


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