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Six possibilities are there, Roll the dice if you dare, Land on a slide, a ladder or an empty space, We'll watch the expressions on your face.

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Communication at its best means different things to different people. Strong beyond his years, exuberant to fight, no one told the soldier this battle was not right.

Every time I do it feels like a montage of the good times. He was well known for his love poems and his religious poetry.(Damrosch 1586) Many other famous Renaissance colleagues tr... That's what they tell me at least and I believed it. Young and idealistic, off to save the world donned in uniform, an American hero born.

Where is the view, where is the thrill, Maybe i can feel that... The thought of you makes me feel like I have gold in my hands but...

Ever since you said to me begone my frivolous banshee said you needed to be free oh quite possibly. The thought of you leaving me makes me feel like a snow globe that was just dropped on the floor.

I hadn’t viewed many episodes when I was a teenager.

The Final Frontier On Netflix, I’ve been watching the first Star Trek series from 1966-69.What can be said or cannot be said not ashamed our affair read rushing love untamed as a strong wind a flood... I'm doing THE MAN right now,and I already have the story that I have writin before of THE MAN that I'll just copy on here. Welcome to my world of depression, heartbreaks, abandonment, loneliness and maybe even neglection if you want to call it. I drew on the walls that was my call during the nighttime is when I needed help everyone was after me I was gonna die during the day or the night either way I could not get away from it however I prefer the night time more dark it... Her "i's" and "j's" were dotted with petite open circles. Descartes needs a non-deceiving god to trust his reason, yet to conclude god exists he must trust his reason. How do you begin to describe a scene that makes your blood run cold? The events I'm about to relate are completely true. There is a spell in purple heath Too wildly, sadly dear; The violet has a fragrant breath, Bu...The breeze blew warm across the meadow, bending goldenrods to cast away butterfly and bee, as the man made his way purposefully down the well-worn path to the spring in the valley below. WARNING: THE MAN I wrote a year ago so please no judgement. The executioner wields his axe, while the judges, they begin to wax, about justice, rules, of course the law. The convict is lowered to the block, and the crowd is ready for the shock, of the dead ma... I am not asking for a pity party, i just hope my audience reads this and understands that we have to struggle first to... They grow up, move out on their own and only call when they need som... If I was to approach a stranger and tell them to describe what he or she saw in this photograph, his or her initial response would be that there’s a boy and a girl. Work, home, kids, duties, too much complexity, it eats at my wellbeing. The purpose of this paper is to explicate this objection to Descartes’ argument, which I will do in section 1, illustrate potent..."Life with lesson's, smoking session" with best friend's, grands the finale. Poverty the vains "commercial,property" dirty money always bother me. Life comes at you fast, sometimes we are called to deal with things that honestly suck. Funny how even after all these years such sentimental thoughts lie you tell a truth. each lie thats true each lie a scar each lie a lie who I thought you are, each lie you lie each lie too far each lie's a lie each lie's too hard... Spiritual beings we are Yes with flesh and bones Blood, hair, and arteries Yet feelings, personalities, attitudes ..different from anyone Souls we all have No not seen, but there Just as sure as the parts you see Souls are real Mankind... I O wild West Wind, thou breath of Autumn's being, Thou, from whose unseen presence the leaves dead Are driven, like ghosts from an enchanter fleeing, Yellow, and black, and pale, and hectic red, Pestilence-stricken multitudes: O thou... The words were barely legible and the ink had run in spots. By: Rainer Maria Rilke Who so loveth me that he Will give his precious life for me? Rare and admirable it is to witness you carrying the whole weight of the world upon your shoulders while most seem to struggle carrying boulders and when the world becomes colder your resilience warms it You are what true s... Kristaphique Godfrey I am from Arkansas where forest and cattle ranches is My world of pretending I am a princess and majesty Yours truly, I am Kristaphique and it’s been nice Always and forever I will be a pr... That time of year thou mayst in me behold When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang Upon those boughs which shake against the cold, Bare ruin'd choirs, where late the sweet birds sang. Forsaken me oh Lord and set me free, I like my world, my country is of thee. By: Rainer Maria Rilke Upon the bridge the blind man stands alone, Gray like a mist veiled monument he towers As though of nameless realms the boundary stone About which circle distant starry hours. Little Lamb who made thee Dost thou know who made thee Gave thee life & bid thee feed. A grey-haired man held the paper in slightly trembling hands as his eyes became heavy. Once there was a very poor woman, As she needed to get off these streets. I shall be set free from the stone If some one drowns for me in the sea, I shall have life, life of my own,— For life I ache. Two magnificent marbles floating through space, one, green with jungle and filled with violent primates, the Varul The other, blue with ocean, and intelligent amphibians, the Lareth. For example, they know how to adapt to different people and their backgrounds or cultures. Rather than leave you and get on with my life Where I could find someone better for me, I die a million slow deaths daily with you waiting for your attention, but you just never see. For if you’ve done deceptive things your status will soon drop. Touch my nose and send me away, I've had my full, I've had time to play, I'm done with my adventure on this plane, Hey, that's okay, so it's gain from all the pain, Put me to rest, I've done what you have asked, So put me to bed, and take... I hear you call my name, as a hundred others do, and I hear curses that... My birthday just recently passed in July, and now that I'm 23 years old, I have learned many things about myself. To me, the best communicators have mastered several skills. Curry There isn’t a single student who hasn’t felt the overwhelming urge to throw their textbook across the room, defy the school system, and emphatically declare, “I’m not doing this anymore! Once upon a time, long, long ago in prehistoric times, somewhere in an equatorial rainforest, there lived an incredulous hog, named Louie, together with his family. He loved to play with his cubs, pet his lady, and p... Don’t look for ways to skip hard work to make it to the top. Thanks to the hard work of our wonderful volunteers, we are now offering a free and low-cost editing service for academic, creative, and professional writing. Under the tree that whistles lies a sharp and pointed thistle that pokes and prods whenever I intend to leave this little spot under the whistling tree. Returning home unwelcome, his hero medals tossed, tw...I regularly go through phases where my emotional interruptions get in the way of my spiritual health. Crying inside Feeling dead Yet still alive I keep trying For acceptance Instead of Being neglected But in their eyes Reflected all I am To them is phlegm Constantly discredited Never respected Never accepted Never valued enou... Often depression, apathy, anxiety, discomfort or any combination of these has a tendency to block the communication between God and myself... Silver bucket in hand, it swung rhythmically by his s... Maybe I’m not so perfect, It seems I’m not smarter. My childhood was not the happiest, especially as I grew closer to my teen years. In a room Full of dishes, food, and maybe a broom And a grandmother who likes to sing While cooking her granddaughter’s favorite things Potatoes, green beans, cornbread, and ham Oh and don’t forget the jam The granddaughter sits i... Following this obvious observation, the stranger would probably then look... Through the garden it stole Like wandering steps, like a whisper—then mute; What play you, O Boy? your gypsying soul Is caught and held fast in the pipes of Pan's flute. Often things happen that tear us apart and that is okay. Some may seem silly or too complicated to follow through, but we all have them. It’s like I enjoy the pain, being cut to the core... The residents mindlessly Conduct their daily routine Repetition is overflowing In the hometown of the trunk Some will live, some will die Nothing has ever changed And no hope exists that The finger will point somewhere else But it naturally... Maybe I wouldn't get myself in the messes that I do. I used to love fiction, it took me away, to another world away from pain, away from thoughts, away from the world. People have you running here and there trying to tell you how to achieve. Some aberration from the conundrum to let him know. Blood begins to boil, a remberence of the foil he left behind in the brine. Things that I had no idea at the age of 22 for sure. Life has always been predictable, concrete, and limited. Corrinne loves to dream, and live a life full of creativity.


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