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Some of the reason behind the popularity of internationalization among current companies include opening up of trade borders by most countries across the world, elimination of trade barriers among many others.

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Some adopt a highly aggressive approach which includes acquiring firms, coming up with alliances, embrace joint venture or just establish their subsidiary.

All these entry strategies differ in regards to the risk associated with each, control, level of resource commitment and return on investment that internationalization promises.

Businesses with overhead costs can have the excess cost cut down in countries that have relatively deflated currencies as well as low cost of living.

Most business in the United States finds it relatively cheaper operating in countries that have free trade arrangement with U. One way in which internationalization help companies reduce the cost of doing is business is through reduced labor costs.

Globalization; Internationalization; Franchising; Direct export; Greenfield investment; Adaptation; Licensing Internalization has been of great interest to nearly every company.

There is no single and universally accepted definition of internationalization but from an economics point of view, it is defined as the process where business gets more involved in the international markets.There are many entry modes that companies can use to join foreign markets but all these modes can be categorized in two broad modes.The first mode is the non-equity mode, which comprises of export and contractual agreements.Most successful executives will always want to try another market after any successful one.Internationalization has been one of the strategies being used by most executives to reduce the cost of operations [2].There are numerous reasons why companies consider going into international.There are those who find it appropriate when the domestic industry is too competitive; there are those who take this direction with the aim of expanding their business and many other reasons.Executives of companies that are experiencing a financial crisis in the domestic market will formulate the budget and go for the foreign markets.Institutions are commonly defined as humanly made constraints the give economic, social interactions and political shape.The analysis is done to find out whether the international market, particularly, the least developed countries in Asia are viable for Arla Food Company, Denmark.From the secondary data, the market has a fair share of weaknesses, but it is very viable from the opportunities it has.


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