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You persuade the reader by presenting him with a sound argument that is supported by facts and hard data.Not only must you present your own point-of-view, but you must also present that of your opponent so you can refute his assertions.A narrative essay belongs to essay types, which reminds a short memoir; you are relating a personal experience of yours in a few pages.

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Your goal or purpose of your work determines your essay type.

Understanding the main features of each type and the distinctive characteristics that set them apart help you submit a flawless piece of writing that attracts attention.

This composition is very useful for analyzing historical events separated by decades or different literary works from different literary movements, as well as a host of other topics.

Cause and Effect: This type of paper examines why an event occurred by investigating the factors that started it, and determining the long term consequences that stemmed from it.

Explain what exactly caused this effect, how did it happen, and why.

These essays involve a lot of analysing where students need to focus on the reasons why certain things happen the way they do.This tip will help you with many different types of essay writing.Unlike in an expository paper, you are not writing to inform, but to change the mind of a person who is already relatively well-informed on the subject being discussed in your composition.In order to create good narrative essays, be sure to incorporate imagery and descriptive adjectives.Not only this will doing your essay good, but it can also improve your creative writing skills if you want to become an author of fiction in the future.If you are asked to do a process analysis essay, you should have a detailed outline that illustrates the steps of a particular process.These steps are listed in a sequential order to give readers an understanding of how something happens.If you plan on becoming an engineer, machinist, or a specialist in some of other technical field, you should definitely learn how to follow this format.Process Analysis Essay: This type focuses on explaining how something is done or how it works.A descriptive essay is very close to the narrative essay in the respect that you use imagery extensively in your writing, and that it can prepare you for creating fiction.Here you can describe the characteristics of any person, place, or thing, and you can communicate meaning and symbolism with your words.


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