Trucking Owner Operator Business Plan

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For transporting any federally regulated commodities, having interstate Operating Authority (MC Number) is needed.

Becoming an owner-operator and starting your own trucking company requires that you get a business license in your state.

Additionally, you will need to have the proper insurance to haul loads and freights by truck.

Federal law requires that you have truck insurance as an owner-operator.

A pre-used heavy-duty truck in optimal shape could cost you at least $60,000 and possibly as much as $100,000. While this will relieve you of some of the startup costs, most companies will expect you to haul for them should you lease one of their vehicles. You need to consider the specs of each truck, such as the mileage, amenities and warranty.

Trucking Owner Operator Business Plan Where Do You Put Your Thesis Statement In A Research Paper

Consider also the area in which you operate and its proximity to highways and resources. To become an owner-operator, you will need to have the legal paperwork and tax planning sorted out before you begin. After you determine which equipment will best serve your operations, you will need to secure the financing. Through it is typical for rookie owner-operators to get their initial customers via load boards, this is not the best route to take for the duration of your operation.The specific policies that would apply to you under these requirements depend on the goods you intend to haul.To learn more about these requirements and to fill out the necessary forms, visit the FMCSA website.This way, you can claim the best available loads and negotiate the most favorable deals. At certain junctures, delays in payment can hamper a company's ability to cover immediate costs, such as fuel, maintenance and driver expenses.You can apply for each of these loads with the same owner-operator applications. As such, a company can get stalled in its ability to deliver new and profitable loads until previous payments are received.With a factoring company like Factor Loads, truck owner-operator income matters become easier to manage.Experienced factoring agents can help you develop a truck owner-operator business plan.Furthermore, be sure you know the probable length of the average trip and how this will impact fuel economy. Consult with qualified professionals in your area to find out what will apply to your situation. The process involved with procuring equipment is relatively easy — you simply make a down payment and secure a loan for the balance. Providing that you keep up with these payments, the equipment will be yours to own. With the highly competitive nature of load boards, you must keep the bidding low. While it may be necessary to use load boards in the beginning, you should set about building a customer list from day one.Also, load boards will not often bring you in contact with long-term clients, so you have to hustle constantly when you go this route. This will involve a lot of work and phone calls, but it will lead to a more lucrative, sustainable business. To get yourself out there and be competitive as an owner-operator, you need to place your bids wisely — not too low but not too high.That said, it would be impossible to manage every aspect of your business singlehandedly.Therefore, you need to staff your back office with an accountant and a broker who can respectively handle monetary paperwork and contract negotiations.


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