Thesis Turbomachinery Noise

For 25 years he led the division in which The University Cambridge's Fluid Mechanics, Aeronautics, Thermodynamics, and Turbomachinery work is concentrated.He was admitted to his Professorial Fellowship at Emmanuel in 1973; he was the longest-serving professor in the University when he retired from his chair in 2002.

D., “Design of a model propulsor for a boundary layer ingesting aircraft”, Aero 2013 S. Guo, W., “Centrifugal compressor return channel shape optimization using adjoint method”, Aero 2013 S.

He taught engineering for the College but, before becoming Master his main College contribution was serving on the Governing Body and its committees.

He was the first holder of the Rank Chair of engineering established in 1972 in the field of Acoustics, coming to Cambridge from Imperial College London, where he held the Rolls-Royce Chair in theoretical Acoustics.

P., “Development of a body force model for centrifugal compressors”, Aero 2013 S. Mazur, S., “Turbine tip clearance loss mechanisms”, Aero 2013 S.

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