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Remember last week when we were inserting those images we selected the size as either large, medium or a thumbnail.

Difficulty Level - Beginner Filed Under Topics - Featured Image, Images, Thesis Post Image, Thesis Thumbnails Listed Under Lesson Subjects - BYOB Agility Nude Skin, Skin Editor - Images, Using Images Applies to - Thesis 2.0, Word Press 3.7 Well good morning everybody and welcome to Lesson 10 of our How To Build A Professional Website Using Word Press and Thesis 2.

Today, we are going to be talking about how to use plugins, widgets, boxes and packages.

The Thesis post image came along several years ago when it was obvious that there were a lot of ways you could use a post image besides just inserting it into the content.

People came up with plugins for using thumbnails and creating thumbnails and then inserting thumbnails in different places.

So if you insert an image that’s too big then it’s going to show up too big.

And if you insert an image that’s too small, the same thing is true because it’s just the absolute size of the image that’s inserted.

There are 4 types of post images that you have to work with inside of Word Press and Thesis 2.

There are post attachments, Thesis post image, the Thesis thumbnail and the Word Press featured image.

If you specify a different thumbnail here then it will be whatever image you specify here. Now the size of the Thesis thumbnail is either the thumbnail setting size that you set under media options last week or it is the size of the image that you inserted as a Thesis thumbnail. And the Thesis thumbnail placement is determined by the box placement.

And so again, just like you can move a box around for the Thesis post image, you can do the same thing for the Thesis thumbnail.


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