Thesis Statement On Censorship In America

His censors promptly notified POW unit officials with submission slips or forwarded whole letters whenever useful information appeared.There was little Director Price could do to compel the INS to cooperate in the absence of statutory authority or a presidential directive.

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The POW unit held to a more rigid interpretation of the guidelines, while INS camp officials, in everyday physical contact with the letter writers, attempted to create a balance between enforcing the rules and maintaining morale among their charges.

At times, INS and Office of Censorship censors were at loggerheads over what information should be allowed to pass.

Perhaps the most serious and constant cause of complaints by detainees has been the handling of their mail, and comparatively slight delays in the past have contributed greatly to discontent and loss of morale in the camps.

We are almost constantly receiving complaints or at least inquiries from the State Department and the two protecting powers relative to slowness in the delivery of mail, and the situation would be infinitely worse if all of the domestic mail were required to pass through the New York Office of Censorship.46 Kelly defended his unit's protocols, assuring Ennis that each piece of mail entering or leaving the detention stations was carefully scrutinized.

Since the seamen's domestic mail represented only a small portion of its total correspondence, Kelly gave his consent.47 The experiment, which began August 20, 1943, produced only two submission slips.

Moreover, the average time required to process the seamen's mail was thirteen days, almost double earlier promises.48 The seamen protested loudly to the Swiss Legation, Germany's protecting power in the United States, which successfully intervened.49 This experiment ended Office of Censorship attempts to control the domestic mail of enemy aliens.In one appeal, written in January 1943, he outlined his argument in detail: The Prisoner of War Department endeavors to make the most of every source of information within its jurisdiction by an exclusive scrutiny of each letter which passes through its hands, in order to extract every item of information which may be of value, both actual and potential.These items are carefully prepared and kept in the correspondence record of each detainee.Multiple complaints by internees to their captors about the sudden increased delays in receiving their mail caused the Office of Censorship to make a change in policy.It rented a post office box at New York City's main post office to receive all incoming mail for the camps directly.One bright spot occurred in the spring of 1943, when internees under army control were returned to INS custody.Once the Provost Marshal General's office was out of the picture, only two conflicting sets of regulations remained in effect, reducing but not eliminating the inmates' letter-writing woes.Internees were provided preprinted form letters with which to inform correspondents of the new address.41 For the time being, the new policy reduced some of the delays in delivering the mail. During the first six months at the Chicago censor station, 141 examiners manned the tables to censor the mail.At any one time, thirty-eight men and women were processing more than fifty pieces of mail each workday.Since the INS, the Office of Censorship, and the army could not agree on one set of regulations, confusion reigned over what writers could and could not communicate.Invariably, it was the internees who suffered the consequences.


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