Thesis Affiliate Links

For example, if you’re promoting Thesis on your site, your affiliate link looks something like this:

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This is simply because Affiliate WP is installed on Site A, not Site B.

When the customer clicked on the link the affiliate shared, nothing happened.

There was no code on site B that interpreted the affiliate’s ID or username in the URL.

You might think that installing Affiliate WP and your e Commerce or membership system on Site B would solve this problem.

It’s also muh easier to remember so you won’t have to copy paste the long cryptic link every time your want to use it.

For example, your new Thesis affiliate link using the 301 Redirect feature, could be something like this: The other nice thing about using 301 Redirects for your affiliate links is that is gives you better management over your affiliate links.fter signing up for the DIYthemes affiliate program, you’ll have access to a basic affiliate link that points to the DIYthemes home page.This link is sufficient to get you started, but if you really want to be an affiliate ninja, you’re going to need to link to other pages of the DIYthemes site.Redirects allow you to make a specific link on your site point somewhere else.There are several benefits to using redirects but the two we’re going to be talking about in this tutorial are: If you promote products on your site through Affiliate Marketing, you’ve probably noticed that the affiliate links can be pretty ugly.Since they are separate sites, they have separate databases, which means separate data. So how can affiliates promote site B but earn a commission on site A when the customer purchases? By collecting the affiliate’s ID or username from the URL (including the referral variable) and passing it to any links within the site that link to site A. It will take the affiliate’s ID or username from the URL and store it as a cookie in the customer’s browser.Any link on site B that links to site A will then have the affiliate ID or username intact.Login to your account at affiliate program and follow Manage Account menu link.1. Below the the automatically created link with you ID should appear. Create your affiliate link manually using the following structure.Than navigate Custom Tracking Links - Alternate Incoming Page Links2. They have no ambition and are designed just to siphon off affiliate commissions by overselling without subtleties.Little wonder that they drop off the radar within months.


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