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In this thesis, I qualify news as its own subgenre of ergodic literature, discuss what impact ergodic literature holds on the news, and evaluate how the material format and technical qualities of the news create meaning within a community.

Although Herbert’s interactions with the Quileute through his friend Hansen almost certainly influenced the creation of the Fremen, the link between the two tribes has never been academically explored.

This project seeks to address that gap, and determine to what extent the Fremen reflect – or contradict – the Quileute.

As a result, in recategorizing news, I demonstrate the dynamic relationship between newscasters and their audiences and the role genre plays in connecting them.

Sarah Cate Baker When Violence is the ‘Answer’: Pathways to Indigenous Freedom in Frank Herbert’s Dune and the Pacific Northwest’s Quileute Directed by Laura Dassow Walls Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel Dune is known worldwide as an iconic work of science fiction.

The Fremen were inspired by a real-world indigenous tribe, the Quileute of the Pacific Northwest, a fact that is largely unknown.

For most of his life Frank Herbert was close friends with Quileute Howard Hansen, author of his own novel on Quileute culture and philosophy, Twilight on the Thunderbird.In the war for indigenous freedom, the Fremen may have won the land – but the cultural sacrifices they made to get there make the victory meaningless.Daniel Bland “Some Subtleties o’ th’ Isle”: Moderating Postcolonial Discourse in The Tempest through the Green World Framework Directed by Peter Holland & Laura Knoppers The postcolonial interpretation of The Tempest has wielded considerable influence in the critical conversation surrounding the play since its introduction.In Dune, galactic politics collide with environmentalism in a battle for the planet Arrakis.Key within this framework are the Fremen, Arrakis’ indigenous tribe.This relationship parallels how the contemporary genre, ergodic literature, manipulates its medium to influence its reader.In this genre, a text requires the reader to directly interact with it in order to extract a meaning, thus creating a dynamic relationship between text and reader.Yet to accomplish this task, the Fremen must allow their traditional culture to erode – something the Quileute refused to do.Ultimately, this paper finds fault with Herbert’s portrayal of indigenous culture, and argues that while the Quileute preserve their tribal identity the Fremen sacrifice theirs to obtain land that no longer has cultural significance.Works like Vladimir Nabakov’s Pale Fire (1962) and Mark Z.Danielewski’s House of Leaves (2000) are more conventional expressions of this genre.


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