The World Is Too Much With Us Analysis Essay

The World Is Too Much With Us Analysis Essay-58
The sea “bares her bosom to the moon” which suggests an intimacy between the moon and the sea. These lines are the speakers final exclamation that “we are out of tune” with nature because we are so caught up in worldly wealth.

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He gives more depth of thought to this idea when he suggests that by using our time, minds, and energy in “getting and spending” that we “lay waste our powers”.Triton was the pagan god that was said to be able to calm the waves of the sea.This implies that the speaker looks out at the sea, enjoying nature, long enough to see Triton and Proteus.This particular poem, The speaker begins the poem with the term “the world” and the reader quickly begins to understand what that term means in this context.He is talking about the worldly cares and concerns such as money, possessions, and power.Proteus was thought to be able to tell the future, though he avoided doing so if he could.The speaker implies that had he been a pagan, perhaps he could imagine being in touch with Proteus, or at least catching a glimpse of him as he stares out across the sea.The speaker then continues by describing the beauties of nature that people are missing out on by being so caught up in the want for money and possessions.In these lines, the speaker describes the beauties of nature that most people are missing out on.In other words, people have powers beyond that which they have tapped into, because they are so busy getting and spending.They are tied up in their greed for more money and their time is accounted for by their actions of getting money, spending money, and caring for their possessions.


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