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To keep stakeholders abreast of the issues, this fact sheet has been developed along with a Though AACN reported a 3.7% enrollment increase in entry-level baccalaureate programs in nursing in 2018, this increase is not sufficient to meet the projected demand for nursing services, including the need for more nurse faculty, researchers, and primary care providers.WRT101 12/01/05 Mandatory Overtime The nurses of today are just as important as doctors.There are different types of nurses, all which work in different paced environments.

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The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) is working with schools, policy makers, nursing organizations, and the media to bring attention to this healthcare concern.

AACN is leveraging its resources to shape legislation, identify strategies, and form collaborations to address the shortage.

It is estimated that by the year 2020 hospital facilities will be in need of 800,000 Registered Nurses (Fulton).

Many hospitals today are currently in need of nurses.

S needs 60,000 nursing teachers to train new recruits and properly address the shortage of today (Orlando Sentinel). relation to writer’s professional and personal philosophy towards nursing shortage and turnover, nurses should have a healthy work place to be ... The aging of registered nurses makes the nursing shortage a bigger problem. The (NYNBL) also found that more than 125,000 qualified applicants were turned down last year due to faculty and resource shortage (Ibid).

As the shortage increases more and more nurses are confronted with overtime in order keep hospitals running efficiently with the RN to patient ratio.

Hospitals thrive on their training and skills to care for sick patients.

Nurses are the heart and backbone of all hospital facilities.

Some hospital facilities use what is called Mandatory overtime, which is an involuntary, unscheduled time of work.

These nurses are forced to work past their scheduled hours.


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