Technical Writing Assignments

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While preparation times may vary depending on our weekly schedule, you should generally plan to spend 6 hours a week—or, 2 hours for every hour of class time—preparing for class meetings.

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Second, it will be impossible for you to participate in course learning if you come to class unprepared. Before each class meeting , including course texts, additional readings, your notes, homework, assignment files and research sources, discussion notes from previous meetings, and any other relevant materials.

Finally, while in class, by taking notes on our discussions and participating in those discussions either orally or via the Twitter backchannel, or, during peer-review sessions or technology workshops, by conferencing with your classmates and myself or engaging with the workshop deliverables.

They can show people performing tasks how to do so safely and effectively.

Unfortunately, instructions are often the worst-written documents we encounter: they miss steps, fail to orient the reader to important tools or concepts, assume too much or explain too much, and generally confuse the reader who is already unfamiliar with the task.

Click Unit 1 to read its introduction and learning outcomes.

Technical Writing Assignments

You will then see the learning materials and instructions on how to use them.However, if it becomes necessary for you to demonstrate your participation in the course, it will be your responsibility to save relevant materials (like your notes) as evidence of this participation.In general, if at the end of the semester you can demonstrate that you were able to substantially enhance or contribute to the course learning community and you fully participated in course activities, you will be able to earn full credit for participation.Also, each unit includes a series of writing self-assessments that will allow you to evaluate your own writing based on specific criteria, and will provide examples and commentary on how to write successfully.This practical focus on specific writing skills will help you learn the writing skills you'll need in the workplace, and by the end of the course you will feel comfortable tackling a wide variety of workplace communications. Then, enroll in the course by clicking "Enroll me in this course".On workshop days, this quiz grade will be based on your participation in and/or completion of workshop activities.Quizzes will typically be given at the beginning of class.If you are absent or late and miss a quiz or proof-of-reading activity, your daily quiz grade will be zero. Instructions are important documents in the real world.They are a way companies can connect to their customers. They help ensure everyone does the same thing for the same task.Your instructions will be designed for users who have not necessarily worked through the process that you are describing.Your instructions will include both text and visuals and should allow even novice users to move successfully through your selected step-by-step process. Your final instructions should include a minimum of This project will be both an exercise in writing effective instructions as well as clear document design that makes effective use of headings, bullets, lists, body text, and image placement.


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