Storage Unit Business Plan

It often takes 18-24 months for many self-storage facilities to realize its full income potential in a competitive market. As an investment or as a new business venture, Self Storage is a winner. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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The most common "state of the art" facility will be about 60,000 - 80,000 net rentable square feet, cost $45-65 per square foot to construct (outside of existing land costs), and have break even operating expenses in the 40-60 percent range (not including debt service) of total stabilized income.

A well designed and located facility will successfully operate in the 83-93 percent occupancy range, though we have seen successful self-storage operations with occupancy rates as low as 70%. Work with professionals in the Self Storage industry to insure your success.

Even though there is an excess of demand over supply, an unfriendly manager or clumsiness over the telephone will cause needless lost sales. This leaves total space dedicated to self-storage units of 48,000 sq.

As is the case with the owners' present self-storage facility in Plainview, many sales are directed through Stote Movers, who are in constant contact with people on the move and, therefore are most likely to require temporary storage. It is assumed that half of the units will rent in the first six months of operation.

” That being said, we will give some high-level answers to the self storage cost question in this article.

Friday Night Lights Book Report - Storage Unit Business Plan

The current rule of thumb for land cost is approximately 25-30 percent of total development cost.

The architectural details and finishes can significantly impact cost.

Land costs and site improvements will also impact your initial investment.

Most inquiries will come through the Yellow Pages ads. Floor plan "D" suggests a way to partition an area 200 ft. Doubled, this is exactly the space available in the Westbury building after deducting the office area.

Proper telephone manners and professional handling of on-site inquiries are essential.


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