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In short, read them as both legal scholars and writers. Additionally, you may benefit from style guides that provide specific guidelines for legal writing (e.g., Bryan Garner’s ). A student note should not read like a law school exam or a brief.One of the most difficult tasks facing a student writer is finding a topic and narrowing the thesis.Sometimes a day or two can make a difference in how the argument reads to you—the logical leaps, grammatical errors or infelicitous word choices will leap off the page. Force yourself to try to write for at least 10-15 minutes.

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This piece of advice is owed to a former mentor who repeated it as a mantra.

Whether you are a whittler, a refiner, or somewhere in between, we often fall in love with our own prose, unable to let go of a snappy sentence or an ingenious turn of phrase.

In college, all-nighters might produce passable term papers, but that approach certainly won’t do here.

Nor will exam writing really prepare you for legal academic writing.

Often the effect is just to defamiliarize the text, so you see it differently.

Split Thesis Statement

If writer’s block still persists and the words elude you, take a break.

Others are “refiners” who write just a few sentences or a paragraph and then revise and polish it to perfection before moving on.

Similarly, you may have a natural rhythm when it comes to the time of day when your writing seems to flow most easily.

A friend of mine prefers to write in the mornings before she has any tea or coffee, using what I call the “carrot” method of motivation.

Respect your writing style; recognizing how you work is important to maximizing it.


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