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Note that some sections will have more problems than others and some will have more or less of a variety of problems.

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Rational Expressions – In this section we will define rational expressions.

We will discuss how to reduce a rational expression lowest terms and how to add, subtract, multiply and divide rational expressions.

Factoring Polynomials – In this section we look at factoring polynomials a topic that will appear in pretty much every chapter in this course and so is vital that you understand it.

We will discuss factoring out the greatest common factor, factoring by grouping, factoring quadratics and factoring polynomials with degree greater than 2.

We will work applications in pricing, distance/rate problems, work rate problems and mixing problems.

Equations With More Than One Variable – In this section we will look at solving equations with more than one variable in them.

In addition, we will discuss solving polynomial and rational inequalities as well as absolute value equations and inequalities.

Solutions and Solution Sets – In this section we introduce some of the basic notation and ideas involved in solving equations and inequalities.


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