Soil Conservation Essay Kentucky

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High levels of salt in the soil can often be caused by changes made to the water table by damming and other causes. Stream Bank Protection – During floods, stream banks can often cave in.

Preventing this by constructing walls along the banks or plant useful tree species will prevent this in the future and prevent soil loss down the stream. Earthworms – Earthworms provide great benefits of farm land due to the way they burrow under the ground and provide more are for water to rest after it has infiltrated the soil.

There are several ways to conserve soil that can be done through agricultural practices or measures you take at home.

Soil conservation is the prevention of soil loss from erosion or reduced fertility caused by over usage, acidification, salinization or other chemical soil contamination.

When the grass is harvested it can be used as fodder for cattle.

For heavily eroded soil it is recommended to grown grass for many years to let the soils naturally repair themselves. No till farming – This is the method of growing crops year round without changing the topography of the soil by tilling or contouring.

Soil conservation is one such step that protects the soil from being washed away.

The soil then ends up in aquatic resources bringing in pesticides and fertilizers used on agricultural land.

This technique increases the amount of water that penetrates the soil and can increase organic matter of the soil which leads to larger yields. Green Manures – Green manures are a few different crops that can be grown, not for produce or food usage, but grown in order to fertilize the farm land on which it grows.

This method can improve the soil structure and suppresses the growth of weeds. Salinity Management – When water evaporates from the soil, it leaves behind its salt.


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