Skeleton Book Report Project

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Once the danger is confirmed to only be outside, the patrons who either believe or are in little denial barricade the front store windows with bags of soil and dog food and duct tape the cracks caused by the tremors.

Norton eventually gathers a small group of followers who are in denial of the dangers in the mist, and David and his followers fail to convince them not to go out into the mist.

Carmody is shot by Ollie, causing her followers to snap back to reality and allow David's group to leave.

David, Billy, Amanda and Reppler all make it to the Scout, but Ollie is cut in half by a giant, lobster-like creature, Ambrose retreats back to the store, and Hattie is killed by one of the spider creatures.

At night, Ollie sights many disturbances in the mist, ranging in size from that of a person to the size of a house.

He comes to the conclusion that these are creatures that are moving silently through the mist.As a result, when posted altogether, they created the effect of a wall of dancing skeletons!First, I reproduced a skeleton pattern for each student, and then we completed the skeleton art project together in class.A bloody-nosed man rushes in, ranting about something in the mist taking John Lee.The patrons watch as the mist moves across the parking lot towards the market and engulfs it.You will need a few art supplies: glue, scissors, hole punch, white paper, black construction paper, and orange construction paper for the frame.(For younger students, you can use colored pencils to draw the eyes instead of using a hole punch.) Here’s the free downloadable activity: Silly Skeleton from .When David searches the loading dock for something to cover Billy up with, he hears things slithering against the outside of the loading door.Mechanics Jim Grondin, Myron La Fleur, deputy manager Ollie Weeks and Norm the bag-boy attempt to fix the generator by sending Norm out to unblock the generator exhaust pipe, but as Norm goes out, he is dragged to his death by a swarm of flesh-eating tentacles.The morning after the residential community of Bridgton, Maine is struck by a vicious electrical storm, business atist David Drayton, his child, Billy, and his better half, Stephanie, witness a strange fog moving over the lake towards their lakeshore home.Worried about tidying up the fallout of the tempest, David, Billy and their neighbor, Brent Norton, head into town, to the nearby market, where the benefactors' consideration is drawn by a bizarre measure of police and military movement.


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