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As soon as the silent and classic movie fans found out there was going to be a novel about Olive Thomas, they were intrigued, and couldn’t wait to find out what the book was like. I posted photos of my covers, and created Pinterest boards for each book, with photos of my main characters, secondary characters, locations, and so on.

Ingram In addition to selling through Amazon and Smashwords, I also made sure to sign up on Ingram.

deals with old Hollywood (specifically the silent early Hollywood years from about 1916 through 1920) and also with Broadway in the Ziegfeld years (approximately 1914-1917), I decided to brainstorm my market.

These novels are a way for fans to lose themselves in a fully immersive story about old Broadway or early Hollywood.

Whether you want to travel the world or live as a recluse, work 12 hours a day or not work at all, learn more about golf or feeding the hungry …

you can turn those desires into freedom and income you never imagined possible.Also, over the next year, I attended the Surrey International Writers Conference in Surrey, British Columbia, and When Words Collide in Calgary.I participated in panels and also had an author table in both places.If I was going to self-publish, I was going to kick ass at it.I was going to create my own new genre, and I was going to succeed at it.It’s hard when you’re a writer and you have no idea what to do with your books, other than write them.The whole marketing business is a big mysterious deal.Keep that color scheme, font, or look throughout your cover, your business cards, postcards, bookmarks, website, etc.This lets people know at a glance that it’s My husband had originally done a nice website for me, but it was a pain to maintain it AND a blog (I had to tell him every time I wanted to change something! What I did was combine my website and Word Press account, so my website and blog are together, and I can update it anytime I want.If you are like most aspiring authors, you may just want to write.However (like most authors), you’ll soon realize that when you decide to self-publish your work, you become the CEO of your own startup – the business of writing, producing, and publishing your own books. In this post, my friend and fellow author, Laini Giles, shares her self-publishing plan for success.


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