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He has heavily participated in the Screwed and Chopped movement.On November 10, 2016 he was shot in the back of the head at a Southwest Houston gas station.

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DJ Screw died on November 16, 2000 from a lethal combination of codeine and other drugs. He was a member of the rap groups Dead End Alliance as well as Southside Playaz. Not only by appearing on countless "Screwed" DJ mixes but also a seemingly endless number of other albums to come out of the South, he also became one of Houston's most visible rappers, releasing solo albums for Jam Down Entertainment. C members and fans he is now signed with Swishahouse Records.

Lil' Keke has become a well known rapper in Houston and continues to record albums annually. Lil' O is a southern rapper, born in Lagos, Nigeria to African parents and raised in Southwest Houston, Texas.

In addition to this recording, the numerous members have all played a significant role in the hundreds of DJ Screw mixtapes to filter out of Houston during the 1990s. He joined the southern hip-hop group Screwed Up Click with his brother, the late DJ Screw, who was the founder of the Screwed Up Click. He was a member of the rap group Dead End Alliance, which included his brother, DJ Screw, and Kay-K. After Screw's death in 2000, he was the main person responsible for keeping the S. He was shot and killed while waiting at his friend's house to play dominoes. Big Jut is a barber and rapper from San Antonio, Texas. C., C-Note, 3-2, Lil Keke, Big Pokey, Ronnie Spencer, Shot Callers, Kazy D, Black Mike and others.

He has done many mixtapes with the Screwed Up Click and other rappers from the south. He was respected in the Houston underground rap scene and appeared on numerous mixtapes from artists such as Trae, Paul Wall, Lil' Flip, Z-RO, E. He was DJ Screw's personal barber and was associated with the Screwed Up Click, he introduced rappers such as Dat Boy Grace to DJ Screw. Big Moe, from Houston, Texas became one of the first to break out of Texas and go national.

He collaborated with Big Hawk on the hit single "Back Back".

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"Back Back" led him back to a nationwide deal with Atlantic Records, which he later left in 2003. While signed to Rap-A-Lot Records he was involved with three groups, The Convicts, Southside Playaz and Blac Monks, and released one solo album.

Also make music with Chris Ward who also from Yellow Stone. Gator commited suicide on mothers day in '97 shortly after the release of their fist album and one year after his mother passed away.

The rap group the Botany Boyz, which includes rappers C-Note, Will-Lean, B. Duke, & D-Red, are also original members of the Click. Clay Doe is a rapper based out of Houston, Texas, who along with Clay Doe, Fat Pat and Mr. Dat Boy Grace now known as Macc Grace as well as his brother Lo$ were members of the Screwed Up Click, in which he developed a long time friendship with DJ Screw.

Despite the deaths of several members and the incarceration of others, S. In 1999 they released the Blockbleeders compilation. He joined Screwed Up Click when his brother Fat Pat persuaded him to join, leaving his job at an insurance company. together, so much so that his nickname was the Five Star General of the Screwed Up Click.

Since then, members have left while others like Woss Ness (Big Steve, Big Bee, Mistah Luv) Big Mello, Yungstar, Wood, and Al-D (DJ Screw's brother) and others have joined.


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