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She comments: 'We know that funding for the high profile national TV campaigns has been cut, but the drink driving message has lost none of its importance, so we need to look at alternatives that can convey this important message.'New media and social media have great potential to reach young people but we need to find out what is effective in creating awareness of the risks of excessive alcohol consumption.' One Birmingham student has already used new media to drive the message home by developing her own anti drink driving podcast.Compared to England and Wales, they found a found a 7% increase in weekly road traffic accident rates in Scotland after the reduced blood alcohol limit for drivers was introduced.

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The researchers found that whilst there was substantial initial Scottish Government investment in materials and campaigns to build public awareness of the limit change, this was not maintained in 20.

The study measured rates of all road traffic accidents, not just alcohol-related accidents.

England and Wales have maintained a level of 0.08g/d L, but are considering the change alongside many other countries worldwide, and it has previously been estimated that reducing limits to 0.05 g/d L in England could save about 25 lives and prevent 100 serious traffic injuries per year [2].

The new study compared weekly rates of all road traffic accidents in Scotland and in England and Wales from police accident records between January 2013 to December 2016 - before and after the new blood alcohol concentration limit was introduced in Scotland.

(Phys -- With funding for anti-drink driving campaigns on Television cut this Christmas one University of Birmingham academic is looking at whether new and social media can be used to effectively fill this gap by encouraging young people to drink responsibly.

Professor Isabelle Szmigin from the Birmingham Business School is an expert in consumer marketing and has previously researched the role advertising plays in shaping young people’s attitudes to excessive drinking.In addition, previous studies in a number of countries (including Australia, France, Austria and Serbia) have shown that reducing blood alcohol concentration limits in general is effective in reducing road traffic accidents.In Europe, only England, Wales, and Malta have a 0.08 g/d L blood alcohol limit for drivers."Our negative findings for road traffic accidents are unexpected given that previous evidence generally demonstrates a reduction in accidents after reducing blood alcohol limits for drivers.The most plausible explanation of our finding is that the new blood alcohol limit was insufficiently enforced, publicised, or both," says Professor Jim Lewsey, University of Glasgow, UK.The authors controlled for season, underlying trends in accident rates, and driver age, gender and socioeconomic status.The study also included alcohol sales from bars and restaurants (on-trade sales) and supermarkets and convenience stores (off-trade sales) to determine whether the new limits reduced alcohol drinking.They note that large changes have been seen historically with reduced blood alcohol limits, and that similar reductions may be more difficult to achieve as road safety improves, and drink-driving is increasingly seen as socially unacceptable.The change in legislation in Scotland was associated with no significant change in per-capita off-trade sales, but a 0.7% decrease in per-capita on-trade sales.Charlotte produced and recorded the podcast using music mixed and produced by Birmingham based teenager “ Little C Prod”.She comments: 'I was really pleased to produce something that is being made available online.


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