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For my Spanish class, our teacher decided we would do a class circle (Editor's note: see "How To Practice Restorative Justice in Schools" for more information on class circles) for the day.She asked us a sequence of questions which required us to give a more in depth and heartfelt answer each time, starting with something along the lines of "How are you feeling? " A class circle which only should have lasted one day extended to three, with each and every single one of us having to share our deepest and darkest fears and insecurities.I've never done anything like that in a class before.

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Teachers and students can learn from this experience that, you can find what best fits you.

Response From Nancy Ramirez I would say my best class moment would be from my sophomore year in high school.

Our lives aren't going to be pen on paper or books forever.

It's best to get us students to explore the world using our skills that we learn and strengthen our understanding of daily life that is sometimes hidden from us and exposed to us abruptly once we turn into adults. I've had many great moments but perhaps the most best moment took place in my English class about a month ago.

Response From Jesneel Singh The best moment in class was when I was in 9th grade in sixth period. Having that "character and scene" class made my life even greater. When I performed my first poem to that class I found my passion.

Not knowing anything about poetry, hating on poems about reading and writing it in the past. For example; there was this one time where we had to write our own plays and poems and perform them in front of the class. Since that day and today I have written over 400 poems and made two books.I placed the cards down, and felt a great sense of relieve.My words, my explanations, my connections all flowed out my mouth with harmony, and I felt more natural and free as I presented my topic.I felt even more confident, assure that I would captivate the audience's attention and keep them engaged.When my presentation started, I gave a signal to my actor which led me to drop my 8 notecards all over the floor.I had a 10-15 minute presentation and I felt pretty confident.30 minutes before my presentation I decided to incorporate an actor for visual appeal, to correspond with my presentation.When I went to present I felt afraid, and then when I presented I felt so good for the effort I applied on.Now I feel so much better than my first day of presentations because I now know that I can do whatever I want to do.In Part One, Jen Schwanke, Amy Sandvold, Anne Jenks, and Sarah Thomas shared their top moments.You can listen to a 10-minute conversation I had with them on my BAM! You can also find a list of, and links to, previous shows here.


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