Romantic Writing Paper

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Many famous romance writers such as Paula Graves believe in embracing the ideas and executing them the same way. Authors like Anne Garcia consider formula writing is what brings monotony in the plot.

However, Harlequin thinks the format is an essential element for romance writing.

Before we dive into the details of ‘how to write a romance novel step by step’, let us discuss some important elements of this genre.

Romance writing tends to heighten its reader’s expectations by encapsulating the following components.

You need to establish an accurate representation of the events the way society presents them.

Romantic Writing Paper

Bold descriptions and extravagant characters only look real if tied in a series of rising events.Readers set certain expectations from their favorite authors when picking up the novel.For example, you cannot miss the magic woven touch in the lyrical writing of Sarah Addison.This is one of the most tried-and-tested ways to become a successful romantic novelist.Readers are always interested in reading something drawn from a real-life romantic experience.So transforming ‘the first meeting’ into something that leaves an impact on the readers is extremely important.Both of your protagonists must be vehemently involved in the first scene.Another inevitable aspect of a romance novel is the physical attraction between the protagonists. Physical attraction must be there in every single interaction of the characters.Not only does it deepen the bond between the main characters, but also changes things for them.People know that they will get the amazing and vivid details of military life in the novels of Suzzane Brockmann.Hence, the formula, to some extent, is not a bad thing when it comes to writing romance novels.


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