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- Transgender: A word to describe someone whose actual gender is not the gender they were assigned at birth. Note: Not everyone whose experience fits this definition identifies as trans, and that’s perfectly okay.

Cisgender: A word to describe someone whose gender is the same as the gender they were assigned at birth. Bigender: A nonbinary gender meaning having two genders.

Identifying with a specific gender does not happen at birth.

Children up to age four often do not identify with a specific gender.

Depending on the gender the person identifies, as there is an expectation of how that person should look and act.

The person identifying as the specific gender, must maintain the gender norms that are in place.This is the era of open-mindedness and self-expression and because of this individuals feel they should not be told what they can and cannot do based on their sex.There are now material things such as, clothes, shoes and perfumes that are considered unisex, males and females can now fight in wars and men are no longer fully needed to be the providers of their families....The present report will focus on gender in the substantive and how grammarians define it.In particular, Quirk et al.’s grammar and Huddleston and Pullum’s will be look at in order to draw the portrait of what makes gender in the substantive....These gender binaries are so prevalent in our lives; it is to the point where a large group of Americans are being overlooked....[tags: Transgender, Gender, Gender role, Gender identity] - Gender Theme “Gender” refers to the cultural construction of whether one is female, male, or something else (Kottak 2013: 209).[tags: Gender role, Gender, Transgender, Woman] - Currently the citizens living in the United States are imprisoned within the binary of two genders.It is only acceptable for a person to identify as a male or a female.Typically, based on your gender, you are culturally required to follow a particular gender norm, or gender role.Gender roles are the tasks and activities a culture assigns to the sexes (Kottak 213: 209).


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