Remilitarization Of The Rhineland Essay

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The terms of the Armistice provided for the immediate evacuation of German troops from Belgium, France, and Luxembourg as well as Alsace-Lorraine within 15 days. Third Army for this purpose and chose Major General Joseph Dickman to command it. They vacated the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, an imposing structure which the French immediately occupied themselves.(The Germans had not invaded the Netherlands.) The Allies (American, Belgian, British and French) proceded to occupy the Rhineland. The Belgians committed five divisions and establisged its headquarters at Aachen with a headquaters at Krefeld.

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In more recent years it has become seen as the area populated by German-speaking people west of the middle and lower Rhine.

The Rhineland was not affected by the World War I fighting.

The French used colonia troops on the Western Front.

Some 15,000-40,000 French colonial soldiers were involved in the occupation.

The Americans and British with the Hundred Day Offensive, broke the German lines wide open on the Western Front (August-November 1918).

This forced the Germans to to ask for an Armistice which finally ended the War (November 1918).Germany at the time did not have the capability of wageing a major war. Many in both countries, especially pacifist spokespersons, charged that the Versailles Treaty was unfair to Germany. This was Hitler's second flagrant violation of the Versailles Treaty. Of course he had already begun the secret rearmanent program which was a violation of the Treaty and details on the rearmament program became apparent in 1936.And there was Poland and Czechoslovakia in the east if the Allies struck in the west. Perhaps the major outcome of Hitler's gamble was the imense prestige it brought him domestically.The United States already on the move east provided nearly auarter million troops for the occuption, about a third of the total. The British reached the Rhineland (December 3, 1918).The British created thr Army of the Rhine for the occupation (March 1919).They set up a headquaters in Cologne The French Eighth Army and Tenth Army entered the Rhineland.The two armies were combined to form the French Army of the Rhine (October 21, 1919).The right wing parties including the NAZIs made it a political issue.They charged that the French did this to humiliate Germany.Hitler had reason to believe that the French would not react. 131.] The Whermacht was ordered to march into the Rhineland March 7, 1936).The Whermacht force sent uinto the Rhineland was weak one.


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