Real Estate Agent Business Plan Example

If it’s not possible to complete this plan before the year’s end, then complete it over the next 30 days. Make a list of your dream priorities in every aspect of your life. Write your answer to these questions: “What do you want your real estate career to do for your life in 2012? Take three huge, deep breaths — far more oxygen that you normally take into your lungs. Pump your fist and say “Yes, Yes, Yes.” You put yourself in the best possible mental and emotional state for planning. Throughout the year, instead of focusing on number of activities (calls, mailings, blog posts, and so on), concentrate on achieving this number of new clients each week.

All beginnings are hard, but you should start this process today if you can. Focusing on the activities leads to frustration and self-criticism.

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His company, Rich Levin's Success Corps Inc., Rochester, N.

Y., takes a "whole business approach" to coaching, focusing not only on essential sales skills such as presenting and prospecting, but also quality of life and personal finance.

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