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Below, you’ll find SAT essay tips that can help to improve your scores.But now let’s turn to an SAT essay structure and your step by step tutorial on how to write SAT essays.As per 2016, an SAT essay is optional for applicants to take, though many colleges still require it.

Here are the SAT dates for 2019-2020: As you’ve read already, an SAT essay is optional now.

However, there are many colleges and universities in the USA that still require it from applicants.

In other words, you can take the exam almost every month.

Just make sure you are ready and don’t miss a registration deadline for your chosen data.

The purpose of the SAT is to measure your readiness for college.

It’s focused on the knowledge and skills you’ve got in high school, and it provides colleges with one common score to compare all applicants.

Many educational blogs and websites wrote about it because it was the year of That’s what an SAT essay task looked back in 2016: As you see, it’s focused on a more theoretical response. And that’s the example of a new SAT essay task: It requires a more argumentative and analytical approach from students.

Graders can see your critical thinking skills, not just your personal opinion on a given theoretical prompt.

The SAT with essay costs as opposed to the for the SAT without an essay section.

Pros and cons of taking the SAT essay: First of all, choose the date, based on the tips above.


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