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By paraphrasing you are showing your examiner that you have understood the literature you have read; this skill is not shown when you quote directly.Please remember that when you paraphrase, you still need to reference the idea you have presented because the idea is the author’s work and not your own.This is a courtesy to any readers doing research, signaling that they may need to review the original source for the particulars, which may be more meaningful in their original context.

If not used verbatim, any alterations must be clearly marked, i.e.

—using the template —or "[emphasis in the original]", to indicate that the error is in the original source.

Click on the link for some examples of paraphrasing.

It contains the advice or opinions of one or more Wikipedia contributors.

If the quote is not controversial or a violation of WP: BLP, try using a "citation needed" () tag for a few days.

If no one provides a citation, and you can't find it either, then feel free to delete the quote.

Quotations are a fundamental part of Wikipedia articles.

Quotations—often informally called quotes—provide information directly; quoting a brief excerpt from an original source can sometimes explain things better and less controversially than trying to explain them in one's own words.

The quotation should be representative of the whole source document; editors should be very careful to avoid misrepresentation of the argument in the source.

Where a quotation presents rhetorical language in place of the more neutral, dispassionate tone preferred for encyclopedias, it can be a backdoor method of inserting a non-neutral treatment of a controversial subject into Wikipedia's narrative on the subject; be very careful.


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