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This guide explains how to format your documents in Microsoft Word so that they follow the standard rules for formatting academic papers as described in most MLA and APA style books for undergraduate writing.These rules apply to most of the papers you will submit in your college classes, but in some cases your professors will want you to follow specific guidelines that may differ from those below.Generally, writing a paper requires certain components that should be an integral part of the work, and these are: Before you begin the draft, go to any site which cannot be edited by online users; keep in mind Wikipedia and Quora are not considered good academic sources.

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Be sure to change the date and paper version when you submit revisions and final versions.

A research paper is a complex of academic or scientific examples based on some experiment; it is much more difficult than regular high school essay. It is crucial for getting a degree in college or university.

A title has to be selected wisely after you decide on the topic.

Going back to the process of choosing resources, it is critical to keep in mind that any credible material has all rights reserved.

Instructions: This should be the default for Word, but if not, you might want to change your Normal style, as described above.

To change the indentation format for a document, choose Select All from the Edit menu.(If you submit a paper in another font, I will change it on the file I download.) Instructions: Times New Roman or Cambria 12pt should be the default for Word, but if yours is different then change your default.Go to the Format menu, drag down to Style, make sure “Normal” is selected from the list of styles, and click “modify.” Choose the correct font and size from the Formatting menu.Rule: Papers submitted for review or grading should have 1” margins all around.This should be the default for Word, but if your default setting is to have left and right margins of 1.25”, change your default. Instructions: Go to the Format menu, drag down to Document, change the margins, and the click on the Default button and accept the change to the Normal template.Anyway, students are not always ready to face this challenge; they start searching for ordering the entire solution online.Page-by-page, your research writing can be completed by the professional writers in the shortest terms. Except for the study material, students have to involve the data they found in the primary and secondary sources.Make sure you leave the gutter set to 0” or you’ll mess up your document formatting.Rule: The first line of each paragraph should be automatically indented.The default in Word is left alignment, so don’t change it.Rule: In the upper left corner of the first page of your document, type your name, the date, the course number and section (or topic), and the version of the paper (such as Paper 1 Second Draft), each on a separate line.


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