Promotional Strategies Of Nokia Essay

Promotional Strategies Of Nokia Essay-34
I chose Nokia because it is widely known in the entire world and has been in business for a very long period (over a decade) and a perfectly adhere to hierarchy, stability, uniformity, and specialization, specifically designed to enforce control and authority in this throat cutting competitive business world.

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Clients/customers of Nokia range from organization to individuals who sort after mobile communication and internet services.Competition Nokia in the past and more so recently have faced various competitions for customers from a number of upcoming and well-developed telecommunication giant companies such as Motorola, LG, Samsung, Alcatel, Cisco among others.For instance, Microsoft Corp a potential new competitor recently announced that it will enter into the mobile phone industry.Globalization According to Harrison, (2005) the free movement of human resources, capital throughout the world posed and still poses positive as well as negative implications to the company.The negative implication such as employee turnover has been addressed by improved job design, efficient and conducive working environment.Two approaches that explains how strategies are formed are classical approach holds that when wise leaders are equipped with vital information as well as other necessary resources they will come up with a successful strategy; evolutionary approach states that the methods adopted by managers do not matter, those that will be the best in this competitive world are the only guaranteed survivors.The argument is that the market and not the managers that determine the prevailing strategies in a particular environment, in short, the approach is simply referred to as “survival for the fittest”(Samer, 2009).The rise of information society has necessitated importance of telecommunication, in leisure as well as workplace.It is worth noting that the younger especially the x generation are aware of mobile phone handsets choice and technological advancement in the same yearning for better and quality communication products and services, this puts Nokia at an advantage.In addition to this, the research evaluates Nokia strategic choices as well as explaining the implications of the current choices, finally, the work selects one strategy that is deemed to propel the company to greater height if pursued, and this is justified.According to Ansoff, (1985) organizations strive to move towards a certain position which relates to the company and its environment in a way that will ensure it continues to succeed and secured from all kinds of surprises, for this reason, Nokia is not an exception.


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