Proliferation Of Nuclear Weapons Essay

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The United States has always throughout history been a major military power from the use of abnormal tactics during the Revolutionary War (1776) to the use of its technology and advanced weapons in the Persian Gulf War (1991).After World War II and the Cold War Era, the United States has been able to defend its citizens from any form of a military attack from the sea, air, and the ground on the eastern and western seaboards....While the direct transfer of a nuclear weapon would certainly be the easiest route from a terrorist group’s perspective, several factors suggest that it is also highly unlikely (Montgomery)....

After all, nuclear weapons led to an unprecedented arms race between the super powers of the United States and Soviet Union during the Cold War.As technology progresses we are forced to deal with new and more dangerous constructs employed in conflicts.In the past sixty years the greatest of these threats has come in the form of nuclear weapons.The proliferation of weapons began to develop around the growth of terrorism and the race to have the biggest weapons amongst the countries....[tags: Nuclear weapon, Cold War, Nuclear proliferation] - One of the foremost growing concerns in the modern globalized world is the increasing rate of nuclear proliferation.[tags: Nuclear weapon, Nuclear proliferation] - Ever since the invention of the nuclear bomb there has been tension and concern about what countries can have nuclear weapons and the hazards of nuclear proliferation.Countries have had inner conflicts trying to decide whether they should begin building a larger arsenal or starting one because they are concerned how it will affect their nation and their safety.After being hypothesized by a number of scientists in the early 20th century, in 1939 a team of German chemists had achieved the feat of nuclear fission, the process of splitting atoms in order to release energy (Levin 9)....[tags: Modern Warfare, Global Issues] - Nuclear weapons and their proliferation have always been a hot button issue in the field of international relations.[tags: essays research papers] - North Korea -- Kim Jon II Maybe Seeking to Expand Nuclear Proliferation.After the passing of Kim Jon II in December of 2011 and sanctions placed against North Korea, there is mounting evidence his son, Kim Jong-un is continuing where his father left off with North Korea’s nuclear proliferation.


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