Profanity In College Essays

We don’t want readers to have a “censor” impression of us at Teen Ink either.In the instances where we censor certain 4-letter words, it’s not so much a “not for us” philosophy we follow, but a “not for schools” one.The expletive learning curve is steep, and it was only a short time from the beginning of my education to my taking a connoisseur’s interest in every known curse, obloquy, and sacrilegious spew.

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You see, to further our goal of reaching – and hopefully inspiring and publishing – as many teen writers and artists as possible, Teen Ink needs schools.

And I think we all know how they would react to finding an onslaught of 4-letter words in our pages.

This is not an argument against censorship, because I do not believe censorship is the issue.

I respect Teen Ink’s right to filter its content, and ­appreciate that it manages to operate with a great degree of efficiency for those who enjoy its services.

I'm just about to submit a piece, but it has profanity and I'm not sure if I should change it for submission.

So I was seeing if Teen Ink has policies on profanity, and lo and behold I find this!

I would like to reference this article in a paper on net neutrality, specifically the second sentence.

What is the convention on profanity in American academic papers, especially with respect to quotes?

Still, what I hope is that the mandate to block profanity is not sacrosanct.

The editorial and supervising staff of Teen Ink should remain in continuous conversation on what is and isn’t acceptable so the publication can better represent the parlance, and thus the reality, of its contributors.


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