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As much as 70% of our time should be spent in steps 1-3. You want to make sure you completely understand the problem.

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When you complete the full CPS Program, you have a dynamic set of skills, tools and processes for leading for creativity, as well as fostering creative thinking and problem solving in individuals, in teams and across your organization.

Apply what you learn in the CPS Program to identify better problems to solve, generate more and different ideas, produce better solutions, and act more confidently to implement those solutions.

In this highly interactive course, you will experience the modules of the CPSI Springboard program, have the opportunity to train others in these modules and receive feedback and coaching from your peers and experienced facilitators. Please note: Pre-work and on-site preparation will be required in order to “teach back” the course.

Right before the holidays, I said that you had better learn how to solve programming problems.

Do not worry about wasting time here, because the better you understand the problem, the easier it will be to solve it.

If you are given any examples along with the problem, make sure you have worked through the examples and understand why the answers are correct for each one. You may have the ability to skip the manual steps and jump directly to code, but there is a manual process which is the foundation of any code you write.

Learn through small- and large-group work, including round-robin sharing and show-and-tell exercises.

In this course, you will: Facilitation skills are central to the effective use of CPS, whether in formal meetings or informal brainstorming sessions.

I recommend that you solve the problem with at least three different inputs to make sure you really understand your solution and that it will work for more than one case.

I often use a Mathematical Induction approach if possible.


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