Problem Solving Elementary Math

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A growing pattern repeats a mathematical process that makes the figure or number grow.Fibonacci numbers are a great example of growing patterns and are found throughout nature.

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They also need a chance to talk about their math discoveries and share insights with each other. Our role is to continually be "helping students construct a deep understanding of mathematical ideas and processes by engaging them in doing mathematics: creating, conjecturing, exploring, testing, and verifying" (Lester et al., 1994, p.154).

At the core of solving math problems is the necessity to have a deep foundation in number sense.

These are other heuristics, or methods for solving a problem.

Students must be taught how to use a variety of methods to solve the same problem.

Essentially, a pattern is a figure that repeats itself, such as a number or word.

It is best to use manipulatives to study pattern making to provide a concrete understanding.When we "coach" our students through different problem solving puzzles, we are allowing them to develop their mathematical thinking.The students take charge of their learning and construct personal ideas about mathematics. None of these are simple and rarely will students move through each step consecutively.From there, students begin to apply that understanding to basic word problems and often begin using a Model Drawing approach.A Model Drawing is simply a pictorial representation that helps students internalize and visualize math.We seek a math educator to join our team who will help us build the tools and materials needed to make BA Online valuable for use in schools, learning centers, and other group settings.You might be a good fit for this position if you want to inspire young students and their teachers to engage in rich and challenging mathematical problem solving.We can't expect students to solve every problem with numbers. Most of the time they will move around in the steps as they refine their thinking and their solutions.Children need to experience how to deal with math problems on their own terms and in concrete ways before moving to the abstract.The program has sold over 300,000 books, and the recently launched online program has over 8,000 active subscriptions.The initial launch of BA Online was primarily intended for family use.


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