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It should be noted as well that many studies reveal that this particularly the case if the execution has been highly publicized.

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Tests show that results are not driven by tougher sentencing laws." (Ellsworth 116).

While this data is highly subjective and considers the national average (as opposed to a region or city) it does show that violence is reduced.

Those who would question this might remind us that the murder rates are lower in Europe than in the United States (Ellsworth 119) and they do not have capital punishment.

The counter-argument, however, is that they do not face some of the same societal problems that we do in the United States and thus what works for them might not apply in the case of our society.

For the victim's families, and Oklahoma City, and many Americans alike wanted to see the perpetrator of the Oklahoma City bombings have the same fate that Mr.

Timothy Mc Veigh executed on the month of May in year 1995.This man was sentenced to death after being incarcerated for less than four years being put on death row.Did this man deserve to die on the behalf of over 150 people, including nineteen children? In some peoples minds it did, and that's why the death penalty should be allowed to stay in rotation for serious criminals for the heavy crimes they commit.The use of death in the situation, say a murder or a serial rapist defender should be based on a number of factors.A few to suggest are how the murder was committed, how sincere or brash the criminal is, what his or her record is and should the man or woman be sentence to execution or a life sentence.Several studies indicate a strong correlation between execution and the determent of crimes, especially murder.Such studies “suggest that capital punishment has a strong deterrent effect, each execution results, on average, in 18 fewer murders—with a margin of error of plus or minus ten.If future criminals feel that they can easily get off with a light sentence for one of the most horrible possible crimes, it seems only natural that instances of murder would increase.“Some argue that executing murderers may actually cause more murders by desensitizing society at large to killing.Opponents to the death penalty say that those who support the death penalty see it as a solution to violent crime.Granted the facts that those who are put to death are serious offenders, in reality, executions are seen as appropriate punishment for these certain criminals committing serious crimes as so the US Supreme Court and advocates of the death penalty say.


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