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Bees keep most of the fruits and vegetables that we eat alive — thanks to pollination — but they’re dying out because of the harsh chemicals we use on our crops.Without them, the primary pollinators, these plants are unable to produce the tasty fruits and vegetables that we love to eat.

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All the particulates are harmful for several reasons. Also, avoid idling our engines, as restarting an engine uses less fuel than ten seconds of idling.Soil: Soil pollution is very similar to water pollution, only instead of contaminating the water supply with waste or chemicals, this type of pollution impacts the ground beneath our feet and the land where we plant our crops.Light: Humans are naturally afraid of the dark, so we light up every dark corner we can find by setting up electric lights.One of the first air-pollution regulations dates back to the fourteenth century, when King Edward I banned the burning of sea coal in lime kilns. But regardless of those efforts, air pollution continues to be a serious local and world-wide problem.Pollution is the pressure within the air of one or more substances that are harmful to human health, welfare, animal or plant life, or property.In the past with air pollution we included mainly the outdoor pollutants, although in recent years this is not the case. Primary pollutants, because they come directly from various sources, and secondary which are by-products of chemical interactions of the primary pollutants within the atmosphere.Particulates Although air pollution might be thought of as unwanted gases in the atmosphere, two of five primary pollutants are really solid substances called particulates.Humans aren’t the only creatures on this planet that are negatively affected by pollution.Water pollution upsets ecosystems on both land and sea, either by directly killing plants and animals or encouraging the growth of toxic algae — such as the Red Tide outbreak that is currently ravaging Florida’s coastline.We only have one planet to live on currently, which is why pollution is such a big problem.Pollution comes in many forms, some more obvious than others, but no matter what form it comes in, we should think about how we can reduce it. Why do we need to reduce pollution, and what can we do to change our ways before it’s too late?


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