Pollution In Dhaka City Essay

In search of a better life, he uprooted his family and they migrated to Dhaka, the country’s capital.

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“Our government seems to be following the Chinese model of development, so it says if we want development we need to endure pollution,” Matin said.

“China is a wealthy country and it can fix pollution after development work is completed, but we don’t have this recovery capacity,” he said.

But the once mighty Buriganga river, which flows by Dhaka, is now one of the most polluted rivers in Bangladesh because of rampant dumping of industrial and human waste.

“Much of the Buriganga is now gone, having fallen to ever insatiable land grabbers and industries dumping untreated effluents into the river,” said Ainun Nishat, a leading environmental expert.

Pregnant women exposed to air pollution risk having a miscarriage,” were two of the examples that Dr. The government is trying hard to improve air quality through various initiatives, Tajminur Rahman, a deputy director from the government’s Department of Environment.

“Battling air pollution is a gigantic task because there were many driving factors,” Rahman told A motorcyclist drives past brick kilns just outside the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka.Unregulated brick kilns are major air pollutants for the city and adjacent areas.“The study was done 19 years ago, and the situation has since worsened.Today, it is an established fact that air pollution is a silent but deadly killer for mortality and morbidity in Bangladesh.” Dr.Unabated encroachment that prevents the free flow of water, dumping of medicinal waste and waste of river passengers have compounded the problem, making the water unusable for humans and livestock.“Unfortunately, all these bad things — encroachment, dumping of industrial waste and other abuses — occur in full knowledge of the authorities,” said Professor Abdullah Abu Saeed, an eminent campaigner for “Save Buriganga, Save Lives.” Among the top polluters are dozens of tanneries on the banks of the Buriganga.“The water of the Buriganga is now so polluted that all fish have died, and increasing filth and human waste have turned it like a black gel.Even rowing across the river is now difficult for it smells so badly,” he told reporters.The now 49-year-old pulled rickshaws for a living and he made better money than before, but the work in the polluted streets began to affect his lungs.“I have visited doctors five to six times a year over the past five years,” Motin told Doctors gave him medicine and advised him to wear a face mask to protect him from dust and polluted air. Despite adhering to his doctor’s advice, Motin continued to suffer daily from respiratory problems which affected his ability to work to support his family. Abdul Baten*, 40, a traffic police sergeant in the Mirpur area of Dhaka has had to deal with similar issues.


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