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You can find out more in our guides to Ph D study around the world.The beginning of a Ph D is all about finding your feet as a researcher and getting a solid grounding in the current scholarship that relates to your topic.

As your research develops, so will the thesis (or argument) you base upon it.

You may even begin writing up chapters or other pieces that will eventually form part of your dissertation.

Your second year will probably be when you do most of your core research.

The process for this will vary depending on your field, but your main focus will be on gathering results from experiments, archival research, surveys or other means.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll just spend three years locked away in a library or laboratory.

In fact, the modern Ph D is a diverse and varied qualification with many different components.You’ll submit material from your literature review, or a draft of your research findings and discuss these with members of your department.All being well, you’ll then continue with your research as a Ph D student. Doing so earns you the title 'Doctor' - hence the name. In order to qualify for one you need to produce advanced work that makes a significant new contribution to your chosen discipline.Ph D qualifications are available in all subjects and are normally the highest level of academic degree a person can achieve. Other doctorates tend to be awarded in specific subject areas or for more practical and professional projects.This page explains what a Ph D is, what it involves and what you need to know if you’re considering applying for a Ph D research project, or enrolling on a doctoral programme. Essentially, all Ph Ds are doctorates, but not all doctorates are Ph Ds.Higher education had traditionally focussed on mastery of an existing body of scholarship and the highest academic rank available was, appropriately enough, a Masters degree.As the focus shifted more onto the production of Unlike most Masters courses (or all undergraduate programmes), a Ph D is a pure research degree.You can more about some of these degree types in our guide to different varieties of doctorate.The doctorates in the above table are divided into different types, as follows: As a prospective postgraduate student, you only really need to concern yourself with academic or professional research degrees.


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