Persuasive Essays For Of Mice And Men

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Just like Crooks is treated unfairly, so is Curley’s wife.

Just like Crooks is treated unfairly, so is Curley’s wife.

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I also think libraries should hold this book open for anyone who chooses to read it.

One of the main reasons for the banning of this book is because of euthanasia.

By reading about Curley’s wife, we can now understand how terrible it was for women in the past, and how much worse it would be if it continued today.

I think Of Mice and Men also teaches important life lessons that should be followed by everyone in our everyday lives.

Crooks, an African-American who worked in the stables, had limited rights and was treated much worse than the others.

Persuasive Essays For Of Mice And Men

He was spoken down to, and was not allowed to stick up for himself without being threatened.John Steinbeck’s use of words is to express the way people talked in the 1930’s.Vulgar words were used more frequently than not, and John Steinbeck got his point of history across very well by including them.One important life lesson is that we are responsible for the ones we love.George is responsible for Lennie, just as Lennie is responsible for George.Although Of Mice and Men is a literary classic, it is also a frequently banned book in many schools and libraries in the United States.This book has been either banned or challenged for over twenty years from a variety of different schools and libraries.A second huge reason for banning this book is the vulgarity and language in the book.Many readers find the language inappropriate and think the book might leave people thinking it is OK to speak like that.John Steinbeck’s writing is taken to offense by many people, causing this book to have a negative impression.I think Of Mice and Men should not be banned, but instead be taught in EVERY school, with responsible and mature teachers.


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