Personal Training Studio Business Plan

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The actual sessions can have very diverse content—some sessions may involve helping elderly clients recover from surgery using pool exercises.Other sessions may involve helping younger clients achieve their coveted beach body through a variety of cardio- and strength-training exercises.

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Costs Money – where are you going to set up your PT studio? Don’t worry about the pay, as long as it covers your bills, food and rent! Work 50-70 hour weeks, put your heart and sole into learning, helping clients and getting as much coaching experience as possible.

Spend all your spare money on books, courses and improving your self.

If you’re a personal trainer who’s currently working out of a commercial gym and are wanting to set up your own private personal training facility then this post is for you!

If done correctly you can earn more money and live a better quality of life.

I have been writing business plan as well for my business, and a good source fo it was

Also you need to think about a lot about details of your business before creating business plan.Charge what you like – there’s no pay cap, you can charge the rate you deserve, obviously providing people are willing to pay! There are lots of obvious cost like equipment, rent, etc but then there are also lots of hidden costs – council tax, business rates, accountancy advice, contents insurance, etc etc.You probably couldn’t charge £300 per hour (unless you’re a celebrity trainer in a major city! That said you could charge £30-80 and potentially triple the rate you were on at a commercial gym. Before setting up your own facility you need to know the costs and how much it’s going to take to break even and what you want your profits to eventually look like.The main reason for this is that they are likely to schedule more sessions (leading to more money for you) and, if they like you and stay in the area, may be a regular source of income for you and your business for years to come.Such loyal clients can also help recruit more clients for you in the form of inviting their family and friends to contact you.I am sure that you are aware of companies that assist with business plans. I would consider a good template helpful because it will take you through questions you may not have thought of. You should not try to implement a 'template' becuase there are too many variables involved for one idea to be successful in a completely different circumstance.While it is true that every situation is unique, collectively there are only so many ways of running a fitness business. For example, Some Best Buy stores do well and others have been closed down. You have to gather the demographical components of your particular situation and design a business model that can take advantage of your particular environmental conditions and parameters.The vast majority of any given day involves traveling to where clients are and then conducting sessions (typically one hour sessions).This means, potentially, a lot of driving and using phone calls or text messages to coordinate with the different clients.It’s about going up to people providing free help, building relationships, smiling, being approachable and building up a regular client base. Restricted Pay – lots of facilities will have a pay limit, for example they wont let you charge the rate you want.They may cap all personal trainers at £15-£20 per session.


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