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I also want to learn to see the world from a new perspective, and share my perspective with those I’m serving.

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The list included things like skydiving and taking a cross country road trip, also on the list was to serve in the Peace Corps.

At the time, 25 seemed like a lifetime away, but as I get closer to that age, the Peace Corps remains on my list.

The Peace Corps, officially established on March 1st 1961, is a governmental agency devoted to world peace and progression. Kennedy when he inspired a group of students at the University of Michigan to work for their country in the cause of peace by living and working in developing societies abroad.

From that encouragement developed an agency of the federal government.

Programs are currently expanding into the Caribbean where there is also a large epidemic of HIV/AIDS.

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In May 2003, the Peace Corps devoted one thousand new volunteers to work on HIV/AIDS-related activities as part of President Bush's Global AIDS Relief Package.The Peace Corps is organized into groups of volunteers and trainees that are placed in different developing countries according to their cause.Some of these causes include: education of children and adults, health and HIV/AIDS, environment, business, agriculture and youth.I envisioned myself living somewhere exotic where I could learn to speak another language and meet new and exciting people.Now, however, I want to serve in the Peace Corps for more serious reasons. The Peace Corps offers their volunteers the chance to dig in with people who are truly in need, and make a real tangible difference in their lives.Another program of the Peace Corps is communications technology.The information technology volunteers supply technical guidance and support to organizations that want to make better use of information and communications technology.I feel like in the Peace Corps, volunteers get a very unique chance to do so.I want to go and discover other cultures and really immerse myself in another way of life. Usually, when someone asks me “Why did you join the Peace Corps? All of these are essays I had to turn in to the Peace Corps to convince them that my motives are true and I am serious about doing this. These are some of the various questions I get asked when I tell people my decision. But for those of you who are genuinly interested in my decision, here is my motivational statement, my cross cultural essay, and my aspiration statement.


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