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She promoted the idea that free love was a way to break free of male dominance, and that upbringing, not genetics, played a central role in the way people behaved.After , for example, documented cultural conflicts that had beset a Native American “Plains tribe” (she did not specify which one) as its members moved away, often with difficulty, from traditional practices and toward Western behaviors and emotions.The acclaimed anthropologist Margaret Mead had already spent years traveling the world, demonstrating that cultures express emotions differently.

She promoted the idea that free love was a way to break free of male dominance, and that upbringing, not genetics, played a central role in the way people behaved.

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Darwin’s was republished again in 1998, it was Ekman’s turn to write a foreword.

He defended Darwin’s initial hunch, because the consensus had flipped.

Artist Charles Le Brun, influenced by Descartes’ , wrote a treatise arguing that high art should make more use of exaggerated facial expressions—and he included sketches of what he considered to be some of the more fundamental expressions.

He died before his Le Brun was drawing on the practice of physiognomy, which stated that not only were faces the gateway to passions but they were also a way to access a person’s soul.

The world is being flooded with technology designed to monitor our emotions.

Amazon’s Alexa is one of many virtual assistants that detect tone and timbre of voice in order to better understand commands.Just one year later, in 1948, he dropped out of high school—he was highly intelligent, but frequently clashed with his teachers—to become an undergraduate at the University of Chicago.(At the time, students only needed two completed years of high school to apply to some colleges.) Heavily influenced by Freud, Ekman went on to complete a Ph D in psychotherapy, studying the depressed.More than two millennia ago, Aristotle wrote about how “some men, who are in no sense alike, have the same facial expressions.” Nor was Aristotle the only ancient philosopher who thought this way.It was received wisdom throughout antiquity, persisting well into the late 17th century.Innate emotions were in again, and it was Ekman’s research that was responsible.It should be noted that Darwin was far from the first to suggest that emotions were innate.CCTV cameras can track faces through public space, and supposedly detect criminals before they commit crimes.Autonomous cars will one day be able to spot when drivers get road rage, and take control of the wheel. While the technology is cutting-edge, it’s using an outdated scientific concept stating that all humans, everywhere, experience six basic emotions, and that we each express those emotions in the same way.In 1928, when Mead’s was published, her findings shocked American readers, and provided strong evidence that fundamental human experiences—including emotions—varied from culture to culture.Mead’s work—finding evidence that emotions, and other social phenomena, were culturally constructed—had a huge influence on 20th-century feminist thought and activism.


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