Outline Of A Dissertation

The following outline is for guidance purposes only.

The length of each section and any headings, subheadings, or other concerns are to be developed at the discretion of you, as author, and your dissertation committee members, as advisers.

What disciplinary knowledge did you use to shape the specifics of your change effort; how did the published research and professional literature in your discipline (or across disciplines) support the prospects for your action’s success?

State how the ideas and procedures in your action design had been tested and refined through previous action research cycles.

When supporting your assertions, present the convergence and consonance as well as divergence and dissonance among your data sources.

Include disconfirming results when appropriate to represent the complexities of your action research.

Include the perspectives of others in your situation that supports the need for your change effort.

Summarize the purpose of the action that you designed to meet the need for improvement; state your research question(s).

What data-based, triangulated, and member-checked claims can you make in response to each question?

Support your assertions with results from Chapter 4 as well as from your raw data.


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